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Sleepyhead continues to be Australia’s fastest growing mattress manufacturer, bringing you quality, innovation, and a great nights sleep. Find out what over 7 million Sleepyhead bed owners already know…the Sleepyhead Difference.

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With the most advanced sleep comfort technology, Sleepyhead uses a combination of the world's best materials in every mattress. Find out more about how every Sleepyhead mattress delivers a great night's sleep.

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We may be unconscious when we sleep, but many factors make up getting a good night's sleep. What's important to you in a mattress?

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What's Inside?

The Torquezone spring unit is commonly known as LFK and consists of many connected springs with open ends.


The spring offers high support, even under the slightest pressure. Because of their flexible connection, the springs can adapt to every body shape. The LFK spring unit adapts well to body shape due to the high spring density and provides consistent support throughout the mattress.

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