Can a chiropractor help with my chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain is big in Australia, and chiropractors try to address the issue non-surgically. As well as cracking your back, they’ll tell you lifestyle factors are huge, including what you’re sleeping on.

Chronic back pain in Australia

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about 70-90 percent of people suffer from lower back pain at some time in their lives. And those people are more likely to suffer depression and anxiety.

Back pain is classed as chronic when it last for three months or more. It can be anything from a persistent dull ache to a sharp pain, anywhere on the back. The pain can also cause stiffness, soreness and inflammation. It can come about through injury, medical conditions or lifestyle choices and habits. The Chiropractors Association of Australia (CAA) says “of the estimated 3.7 million people suffering from chronic back problems, many are likely to also suffer from poor quality of life and are unable to engage in an active, healthy life.”


Chiropractors can use different types of manual therapies to relieve pain. These include massage, mobilisation and spinal manipulation.

Spinal manipulation is often called an ‘adjustment’ and involves a shallow, sharp thrust to push the target joint slightly past its range of movement. Its goal is to reduce pain and restore movement to the area.

Changing your life

While chiropractors can help with manual therapies, they also dispense holistic advice on how to prevent or help with the pain. The CAA says for many people, back pain can be prevented or managed with appropriate lifestyle changes and care. This may also address other health issues.

Correct posture is one issue they advocate on; staying active is another – gradually and consistently building up a routine. Diet is also key – chiropractors can assess a patient’s diet and suggest improvements. And mattress is key.

Mattress and pillow has a part to play

While bedrest 24/7 is no longer prescribed for chronic back pain sufferers, a good night’s sleep is important. The right mattress and pillow could be the difference between helping or aggravating a chronic back pain condition.

If the bed is too firm, it will lift the hips and shoulders, making the lower back sag. If it’s too soft, the spine will sag at the hips.

Sleepmaker has mattresses tested and approved by the CAA. The Sleepmaker Chiropractic Collection has an advanced spring system that provides correct spinal alignment for healthy sleep. It has graduated zoning and coil formation that provides major support for the heaviest parts of the body and lower back, reducing mattress sag.

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