Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pick the best mattress for me?

    No two people are built the same and individual needs and preference can vary hugely. Sleepyhead’s Mattress Match has been designed as an easy to use tool to help start your search for the perfect night’s sleep.

    The Mattress Match only takes a few minutes to complete, but could save you hours in your search for the perfect mattress.

  • When should I replace my mattress?

    While Sleepyhead mattresses are likely to last a lot longer, as a rule of thumb we recommend replacing your mattress every 8 to 10 years. Over this time period it’s likely that your body and your sleep needs have changed. If you find that your mattress doesn’t feel as comfortable as it used to, you wake up feeling tired or your needs have changed since you purchased your mattress, it could be a good time to consider investing in a new one.

  • Why do I need to rotate my mattress?

    Mattresses should be rotated every two weeks for the first four months, then once every 3 months for the lifetime of the mattress. Rotating your mattress will help is wear more evenly and helps minimise the natural dipping that can occur in some mattresses as they wear in.

  • Should I get a mattress protector?

    Aside from the obvious protection against inadvertent spills and stains, mattress protectors help protect your investment by minimising the growth of spores, mold, fungi and dust mites that can build up over time.

  • What size mattress should I buy?

    While you’ll definitely enjoy the added space in a larger mattress, it’s also worth considering available space and future requirements. Below you’ll find the sizes and dimensions of Sleepyhead’s range of beds.

    Single 92cm (W) x 188cm (L)
    Long Single 92cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    King Single 107cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    Double 137cm (W) x 188cm (L)
    Queen 153cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    King 183cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    Super King 203cm (W) x 203cm (L)

  • Are firm mattresses more supportive than plush ones?

    Sleepyhead’s state of the art support layer technology means that you no longer have to trade softness for support. Each Sleepyhead mattress is designed to deliver fantastic back support whether you’re like a firm feel or prefer something a little more plush.

  • Should I buy a soft or firm mattress?

    The choice is yours, which is exactly why each of our ranges are available in a variety of feels. Sleepyhead’s product designers have spent years perfecting technology to ensure that you’ll get great support whether you prefer a super plush bed or something a little firmer. Because comfort preference differs greatly from person to person we highly recommend trying out a range of feels in store to ensure you get a bed that feels right for you.

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