At the heart of the Sleepyhead Sanctuary mattress is the patented Sensorzone® support system. Sensorzone® is our most advanced support system and the only system where springs and foam are fully integrated to provide dual active support.

Classic Pocket Spring

The SleepMaker Pocket Spring systems are individually encased independent pocket springs that are designed to minimise partner disturbance and roll-together.

Twin Pocket Spring

There are dual layers of individually wrapped pockets that sit on top of each other. This helps minimise partner disturbance as well adding additional comfort alongside the foam layers. Plus the two layers of coils provide great airflow inside the mattress while you sleep.


Made of sustainable rubber, latex has natural antibacterial properties that help maintain a dust free, healthier sleep environment which is great for asthma and hay fever sufferers.


Heat regulating technology that activates when your skin temperature reaches between 29°C -33°C. Tiny microcapsules in the Kulkote foam layer help wick away heat from the body.


This new generation of gel infused foam provides great support while helping with heat absorption.

Graphene Memory Foam

Graphene memory foam is a premium comfort layer because of its heat management properties. That's because the open cell memory foam is highly breathable and works with super conductive graphene particles to pull heat away while you sleep.

FusionGel Memory Foam

This proven comfort layer technology combines the pressure-relieving ability of our superior memory foam with the heat absorbing qualities of gel particles.

Dunlop Foams

Dunlop Foams are produced in Australia in state of the art facilities to the highest specifications. The foam for each Sleepyhead mattress is carefully selected to provide exceptional comfort and long lasting, durable support.

Climatex Quilt

The dream sleep surface. High loft fibre gives bounce back between two layers of quiltex foam – breathable, cooling and with minimal wear.

Comfort Edge

Solid foam edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress which reduces the roll out feeling.


Our foams are specially treated with Ultra-Fresh. This ensures the mattress is fresh and clean to give you a more hygienic sleep.

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